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            Product Center
            Perlite is an acidic volcanic glass lava that is crushed, sieved, preheated, and calcined to form a white porous granular material--expanded perlite.Read More+
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            Xinyang Zhongzhou Industry Co.,Ltd. located at Pingqiao District of Xinyang City, Henan Province, China. We have been producing and processing the following products professionally for a very long time. Such as Perlite, Hydrophobic perlite insulation board (brick), Expanded perlite, Perlite insulating pipes and sections, Obturator perlite, Vitrified Microsphere (thermal insulating mortar), Perlite filter aid, Perlite Deslagging agent, Perlite Covering agent, horticultural perlite, Perlite fire-retardant board, Insulating Brilliant Expansion Perlite, bentonite (Sodium base, calcium base, lithum base and feed grade), Perlite grinding material, Hollow microspheres, efficient activated white clay, white and red Zeolite powder, Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks, Slag Removing Agent,Vermiculite Ore,Expanded Vermiculite,Mica sheet,Mica Powder and other related products.
            We believe in the philosophy "raw material first, quality first, reputation first". On business, we execute "Customer first. Win-win as key." as our core value. We provide comprehensive pre-sale, sale and after-sales service to fulfill customers needs. Sincerely welcome customers all over the world!
            Product Application
            It is widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, electric power, construction and defense industries... Read More+
            Our Service
            Xinyang Zhongzhou is a research and production enterprise with perlite non-metallic minerals and its deep products.
            Perlite Pearl Rock is a volcanic eruption of acidic lava, a rapidly cooled glass rock, because of its pearl fissure structure and named. Pearl Rock ore includes...
            Dec 26
            The perlite deposits in China are mainly produced in Mesozoic, where crustal activity is frequent in mainland China. This generation of volcanoes formed the nor...
            Dec 26
            The main components are block, porous, floating stone perlite, containing a small number of feldspar, quartz porphyry, microcrystalline and various forms of cry...
            Dec 26
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