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    The Genesis Types Of Perlite
    Dec 26, 2018

    The perlite deposits in China are mainly produced in Mesozoic, where crustal activity is frequent in mainland China. This generation of volcanoes formed the northern Heilongjiang, south of Nanhai waterfront and Hainan Island, 3000 kilometers long, wide 300~800 km of volcanic rock belt. This rock belt can be further divided into three bands.

    The first Asian belt is also called daxinganling, Yanshan Asian belt. The main areas of perlite in this Kuancheng are Hebei, Pingquan and Zhangjiakou, Paddock, Guyuan, Liaoning's Lingyuan, Faku, Jianping and Jinzhou, Jinxi Yixian, Montenegro, Shanxi's Lingqiu, Henan's Xinyang, Inner Mongolia's Duolun, Taipusiqi, Zhenglanqi, middle and rear flags, and so on. The second Asian belt is called Northeast North, Shandong Asian belt. The perlite deposits in this jiutai are Jilin, Heilongjiang Muleng and so on. The third Asian belt is called the southeast Coastal Asian belt. The deposit in this Ninghai has the pine resin rock deposit in Zhejiang province and so on.

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